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Mitiamo IT has created a software package called Mitiamo Sports, which assists with the administration of a sporting club. It is designed for sporting clubs, leagues and governing bodies. At the moment, it can be used to count Best & Fairest votes, and generate a PowerPoint like slideshow for your Vote Count/Best & Fairest presentation. It saves many hours of work and eliminates error prone manual calculating.

Vote counting is just the start, over time it will have more features added to it, with the aim of becoming a complete solution for managing the day to day operations of a sporting club, and reducing the burden on overworked volunteers. It will always remain affordable for small, volunteer-run sporting clubs, while aiming to be useful even to professional level sporting organisations.

Mitiamo Sports has come about because I prepare the Vote Count presentation each season for the Mitiamo Football & Netball Club, and I wanted a quicker, easier way.

For more information, please visit the Mitiamo Sports website by clicking here.